Yellow Footed Rock Wallaby

These yellow footed rock wallaby is the largest member among the groups of rock wallabies. A male yellow footed rock wallaby can weigh up to 11 kg and can have a height of 60 to 70 cm when sitting.

Its name is derived from their ability to jump up and down on rocky cliffs. They have thick pads on their feet’s skin which are very rough in surface so that they don’t slip. Their tails have rings of brown and pale yellow band and also serve as a balance when they leap from rock to rock.


They live in caves of rocky hills. Each time these wallabies make their “roadways”, the surface of the rocks that they pass by becomes polished which helps scientist to locate their shelter.

These yellow footed rock wallabies were drive away by feral goats because feral goats also live in caves while other feral cats and foxes also catch and kill them. These wallabies have already adjusted their bodies in drought and they can live on roots, grasses, leaves and even on tree barks. | Resources | Privacy | Disclaimer
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