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Star Finch

Star Finch

Status: Near Threatened
Classification: Birds
Scientific Name: Neochmia ruficauda

Star Finch or Neochmia ruficauda belongs to the family of estrildid finch. They are found in some parts of Australia specifically in dry savanna and grasslands. 

Star Finch has bright red face, their body colour is olive green with yellow underneath. The crown of their head was covered with white star like dots. Both male and female star finch have dark eyes and red beaks.

The Star Finch

Their existence was threatened due to grazing of grasslands and other agricultural purposes. Loss of food and water reduces their opportunity to survive.

Seeds, vegetables and fruits are part of their diet. This species is very easy to maintain that's why despite of their status they still remain as common aviary bird. | Resources | Privacy | Disclaimer
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