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Plains Wanderer

Status: Endangered
Group: Birds
Scientific Name: Pedionomus torquatus

Plains Wanderer, just like many Australian native birds which live on or near the ground are no longer common. Its the only representative of its family. They have been found in Victoria and southern New South Wales, but it was only once.

Plain Wanderer looks like a quail-like ground bird and is relatively small. Its length measures 15-19 cm (6-8 inches) long. Male wanderer has light brown colour above and fawn white underparts and black highlights.

The areas in which they like to live most are usually in farming lands. When farmers cleared land for wheat-growing or ran sheep and cattle on their farms the habitat of the birds disappeared. The only way for the birds to survive is to set aside the suitable lands for them to live to.

The Plains Wanderer

One of the main factor that threatened the existence of plains wandered is the conversion of their habitat to cultivation for agricultural purposes.

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