Pink Cockatoo

Pink Cockatoo

Pink cockatoos are one of the most popular birds, they were named after the famous Australian explorer Major Mitchell because of his undeniable admiration with them. Most people believed that Pink cockatoos are the most beautiful among other cockatoos.

These birds are sometimes seen however they are still considered rare and uncommon. They have lived in the dry centre of Australia and sometimes they are found in South Australia and Victoria.

Feeding Pink Cockatoo

Pink cockatoos have very strong beak that often use for cracking seeds and nuts. They feed on seeds of grasses and fruits of trees such as cypress pine, wattles and she-oak. They are sometimes feed on farmer's wheat crops and orchard fruits. Farmers may not be so friendly with pink cockatoos because they eat out almonds off their trees.

Couple Pink Cockatoo

Pink cockatoos have strong beak and people who have kept these birds in their aviaries have found that they will bite through wire netting and woodwork, that's the reason why they're not keep in small aviaries.

Pink cockatoos usually nest in holes of trees and hollow limbs. It is important that some trees should be left in areas where they roost and feed. The survival of these birds may be threaten if all the trees are cleared out. | Resources | Privacy | Disclaimer
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