Peregrine Falcon

Peregrine Falcon

Peregrine Falcons are known for their amazing flying skills, they can fly more than 300 kilometres per hour. It could be faster than the small aeroplanes. They use that speed to catch their prey. They kill their prey by swooping from above and grasp it with their talons or strike it with their foot so that it falls to the ground.

Peregrine falcons can be found in many countries all over the world. It has been known that they were trained for 'falconry'. The birds were taught to hunt and kill prey or their owners, who were often kings or noblemen. It is possible that the number of birds caught for falconry may have threatened their survival.

Peregrine Falcon Ready for Flight

In Australia, falconry is not the the usual cause for for the birds to become uncommon in many areas. Many people believed that a bird like Peregrine falcons which can live in different areas along countryside would be able to find a home suitable for them.

Peregrine Falcon Taking Off

However, some chemicals being used to kill insect pests become part of the food web. Their prey in some instance have chemicals inside their body that can cause harm and threatened the survival of Peregrine Falcons. It is always important that we should be aware of the chemicals we use so that we can protect these wonderful speedsters. | Resources | Privacy | Disclaimer
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