Australian Osprey


Ospreys are usually found in many countries all over the world however they seem to be endangered. They are found around almost all the coast in Australia, but they are not common anywhere.

Hunting Osprey

Ospreys hunt their preys in bays and estuaries along coastlines. You might be lucky enough to find one that catches its food. You will be surprised with their amazing flying skills and their ability to hunt. They can dive hundreds of metres from the air down the water. If they see a fish swimming near the surface, they will swoop down and strike their talons to lock the body of fish. The problem is, they often catch fish that is too heavy to lift from the water.

Osprey preparing for Landing

The male and female osprey often build their nest together using sticks and branches washed out from the beach. Sometimes the nest they built can be very large because more and more sticks are piled onto it. The problem usually occurs when two or three eggs are being laid.

Ospreys are threatened by the chemicals they get from the body of fish they eat. It usually causes their eggs to have very thin shells and often breaks before they hatch. | Resources | Privacy | Disclaimer
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