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Lord Howe Island Woodhen

Lord Howe Island Woodhen

Status: Endangered
Classification: Birds
Scientific Name: Gallirallus sylvestris

One of the reasons why animals become endangered is because of their small size. The Lord Howe Island Woodhen has seemed to be close to extinction most of the time.

Their name was taken from the island where they used to live. Lord Howe Island is located in the east coast of Australia and it is the only place in the world where the birds are found.

Lord Howe Island Woodhen

About 200 years ago when the island was discovered by Europeans, a large number of woodhens are being seen. They were so tame that they were easily killed. After 20 years when the island was settled, the birds could only be found in the mountainous areas of the island.

Lord Howe Island woodhens used to live on ground, they feed on different types of insects, worms and any other small creatures found in the forest. Their usual habitat is in the bush which is thick and damp and with lots of rotting leaves and sticks.

Lord Howe Island Woodhen searching for Food

It was not just the settlers who killed the birds. It is being known that whaling ships brought pigs and goats in the island. No one ever realised the damaged they brought to threatened the lives of birds.

A program to protect and preserve the Lord Howe Island woodhens has been developed by the New South Wales National Parks and Wildlife Service. We should all wish that the program will be a success.

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