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Herald Petrel

Herald Petrel

Status: Vulnerable
Classification: Birds
Scientific Name: Pterodroma heraldica

This bird species is considered vulnerable due to its population range. Herald Petrels are found in the central and western Pacific but they are native to Australia. It is believed that some individuals are seen in the Easter Island of Chile and far north of Hawaii.

Adult Herald Petrels measures approximately 43 cm (17 inches) in length. They have black to light grey mantles and white bellies. One of the best feature this species have is their black bill which is not common among other bird species.

This species prefer to build their nests on the grounds or above sea level. Breeding occurs during warm season, and incubation often ranges from 49 to 54 days.

The Herald Petrel

Herald Petrels has a population of 150,000 but it keeps on dropping due to many factors including loss of habitat caused by human disturbance. | Resources | Privacy | Disclaimer
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