Red  Falcon

Grey Falcon and Red Goshawk

Grey falcons can be found in many areas of Australia. They usually nest in dry areas, however they are still considered as rare birds. Unlike red goshawk, they usually stay in places where there is no too much timber. However like the red goshawk they love to catch birds in flight for food. They usual fly close enough to the ground beating their wings slowly and sometimes they soar high into the sky to search for prey.

Just like any other birds, grey falcons are feed on insects, small mammals and reptiles. They can catch grasshoppers and other insects on the wing just like how they catches birds. 

Flying Gray Falcon

Grey flacons are known to be lazy birds because they use old nests of other birds. They just line it with soft material such as animal hair or bark.

Meanwhile, the red goshawk is found along the north-eastern coast of Australia and in the northern parts of Queensland, Western Australia and Northern territory however they are very rare in New South Wales.

Feeding Red Goshawk

Red goshawks feed on other birds such as cockatoos and ducks. They also like small mammals and reptiles. It is possible that most goshawks are threatened by the chemicals contained in the bodies of animals they eat. These chemicals often cause the bird's eggs to have very thin shells so that the baby birds die before they hatch. Goshawk are barely seen in areas where there are many houses. They only survive in areas with bushland. | Resources | Privacy | Disclaimer
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