Australian Bustard


Just like the plains wanderer the bustard was once spotted in the open country of central and western Australia. Bustard is a large bird with over a metre high and a wingspan of over 2 metres.

The bird look so amazing when it struts over grassy plains with its head high in the air. It has been known that a huge number of Bustard was once spotted in parts of western New South Wales. However, it was reported that many birds were killed by the settlers who used to call them plain turkey or wild turkey.

Female Australian Bustard

Their habitat was changed by grazing animals and rabbits and the lives of bustards has been threatened and become rare.

Bustards feed on grass, fruits, seeds, native plants and small animals. The only way for the bustard to survive is to keep the areas with grasslands which used to be their favorite home. | Resources | Privacy | Disclaimer
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