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Bridled Nail-Tailed Wallaby

Status: Endangered
Classification: Mammals
Scientific Name: Onychogalea fraenata
Date Listed as Endangered: December 2, 1970

A nail-tailed wallabies are little animals that have a fingernail hidden in the fur located at the end of its tail. These wallabies were usually found in Eastern Australia however today they were found to have a
large population in the east of central Queensland and some in New South Wales.

They usually live in shallow “nest” in clumps of grass during daytime and come out to feed on plants especially thick roots containing water at night. These wallabies are shy type animals and they are easily disturbed by grazing animals like cattle and sheep.

Small banded hare wallabies were found before in some parts of the mainland particularly western Australia. However, today most of these wallabies were found in the areas of Bernier and Dorre Islands.

Clearing of scrub for farming is one of the major causes for the extinction of these small banded hare wallabies because they live on grasses found on sand dunes like spinifex and they come out in the
evening to feed.

The female wallabies carry the “joey” in her pouch like kangaroos and the owls, hawks and goannas were the enemies of young wallabies.

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